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keeping the magic alive for kids since 2013

The original professional mermaid of Bucks County, PA!

I began my mermaiding journey in 2013, sewing my own mermaid tails and practicing my swimming whenever I could access a pool. 

I took my hobby of mermaiding to Grenada, where I modeled as a mermaid and swam in the crystal clear depths of the Caribbean sea. I also got SCUBA certified and discovered the magical underwater world of the ocean.  Then I took my mermaiding to Key West for my first mermaid gig at a festival. While there, I entertained and swam with kids, posed for photos, and participated in a parade. That marked the launch of my career as a professional mermaid. 

As a swim instructor I polished my abilities in working with kids and teaching them in a fun and enthusiastic manner. I realized my love of working with kids, particularly making them laugh and demonstrating skills with some flair. 

I now work as a professional mermaid and content creator, performing at pool parties for kids and creating content to spread the magic of mermaiding with everyone! Keep scrolling down to see my social media platforms!

As a creature of the sea, I've always been an ambassador for the planet, passionate about keeping the earth clean and spreading awareness for the dangers of climate change. 

Learn about my mermaid adventures in my blog, along with articles with mermaid tips and more!

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