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Shop for mermaid products!

From home decor to apparel, here are some of my favorite mermaid products that are for sale! Live your life #likeamermaid by treating yourself to some mermaid and beachy goods! 

Decorate your house to look like a mermaid lives there, with rustic beach decor and more. Give your home some ocean vibes with these awesome products!

 Here you will also find my favorite tee shirt from the store I created, A Mermaid's Life For Me.

*Some of these are affiliate links, which means if you buy any of them I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. So shopping here helps me maintain my mermaid expenses, like this website!

  • Your kiddo will love the colorful scented water as well as surprise Mermaid jewelry toys inside. Once dropped in water, these mermaid bath bombs will fizz, giving water a vibrant color. Playing with bubbles makes bath time a splash and relaxing.

  • 【No tub stains】Natural ingredients are easy to dissolve and rinse without stains on the bathtub. Also there will be no residual pigment in the kids skin.


"" Tee shirt

Love the ocean. Love each other. Live peacefully. Your typical 100% cotton t-shirt. Pre-shrunk to make sure your size is maintained throughout several washes, and a classic fit.


"What The Shell" Tee shirt

For sassy mermaids with the mouth of a sailor! Lounge in this tee shirt or wear it at the beach. It is super commfortable with a relaxed drapey fit and a drop shoulder.


Beach floor runner/carpet

Turn your floor into a beach. This floor runner is pleasing to the eye and will be more comfortable walking on than just your hardwood floor.


Waterproof headphones/MP3 player

Swim as deep as ten feet down while listening to music from these waterproof headphones and the waterproof MP3 player they go with. Perfect for mermaids who want to practice a routine underwater!


Cozy knitted mermaid tail blanket

Nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket on a cold evening! Make it even better by using a mermaid blanket!


Black beach sarong

Wear this to the beach or a pool party! It's also perfect if you're a mermaid looking for something to wear around your waist when you're in your tail. It works as a tail-hem hiding belt that kind of resembles fishnet.


Seashell nightlight

Combine your fear of the dark with your love of mermaids! This adorable shell light will brighten your beach home!

  • Sea Animals - All the 24 pcs mochi squishies are sea animals designed, 12 styles, each style 2 pcs, all in different beautiful colors, cute, kawaii for kids, unique squishy toys

  • Party Favors - Get the mochi suqishy toys for the party favors, share it with your friends, it must be a good present, kids will love it

  • Stress Relief - It's soft, smooth, squishy, you can touch it, twist it, squeeze it, very funny to play, that will relax your stress, a choice as stress relief toys for both kids and adults


"Certified Merman" Tee shirt

No merman left behind! This shirt is a reminder that mermaiding is a sport for anyone. The text on the bottom says "100% certified genuine merman. Needs plenty of salt water and sunshine"

Untitled design (23).png

"Certified Mermaid" Tee shirt

This shirt is made with extra soft cotton material! stay comfy and mermaidy with this tee. The text on the bottom says "100% certified genuine mermaid. Needs plenty of salt water and sunshine"


Light pink seashell plush pillow

Even your bed can have a mermaid aesthetic! This charming light pink pillow is the perfect thing to add some mermaid magic to your bedroom! Did I mention it's soft?


Mermaid apron

This waterproof mermaid apron will help you protect your clothes when cooking, while also adding some mermaid style!


Mermaid tail makeup brushes

Add these cuties to your makeup brush collection! These make a great gift for a mermaid or a makeup lover. Or a makeup-loving mermaid!!!


Little mermaid bathing suit

Even if you're not in your mermaid tail, you can still be in a mermaid bathing suit! This swim suit is inspired by The Little Mermaid. The purple top resembles Ariel's shell top and the bottoms obviously resemble her tail!


Ocean ceiling projector and speaker

This shirt is just too relatable. Show off your mermaid love in this cute tee. Pair it with a cardigan, a skirt, some boots, or however you want. It could even be a pajama shirt.


The Barbie Dreamtopia Twinkle Lights Mermaid Doll makes a splash with water-activated features to create magical light shows. Dip Barbie in water, then watch as her swiveling and swirling tail lights up! When you want a sea adventure on dry land, press the button on her bodice to experience the magical lights without water. Her fantasy look is complete with rainbow fins, a "pearl"-detailed bodice and pink-streaked hair—plus a princess tiara for fun!​


"Mermaid life" Tee shirt

If you're living that mermaid life you can show it off with this tee shirt! The message really gets across with pretty teal text and a cutesy seashell design.


Above ground pool

Have some family fun this summer by getting yourself a pool! COVID has most pools closed, but no one can stop you from buying one of these!

Finis Monofin

Master the dolphin kick and swim like a mermaid with a Finis monofin. Swim with or without a tail. Try the Luna for is style or the Wave for its speed.


Mini wooden seashell signs/wall art

I love these rustic wall decorations, in all their distressed and nautical glory! Add them to the walls of your beach house. They could be placed together or hung separately.


"There's a million fish in the sea, but I'm a mermaid" distressed sign/beachhouse decor

Bring some extra mermaid vibes into your home. This small sign requires no hanging up, no holes in the wall! Just place it anywhere you see fit and voila! Mermaid home.


Ocean ceiling projector and speaker

Control the mood of the room by using this light. It has many settings, including one that will make your ceiling look like you're under water. It is also a speaker and has some relaxing songs included.


Giant inflatable clam

Professional mermaids can always use one of these! Perfect thing to use during a mermaid gig. Sit atop it to pose for photos on the land or on the water. Great for pool parties as well!

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