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Brand Collaborations

I work with brands and businesses by using my platform and my content creation skills to help promote them!

A mermaid is a great marketing asset for brands that relate to the water or the ocean, conservation, beach apparel, costuming, accessories, and kids products.

I have about 4.5k Instagram followers, 5k Facebook followers, and 1600 Youtube subscibers. I have a tight knit community of merfolk.

Here is some of my work:

aquamermaid mermaid tail ad
Mermaid kat shop mermaid tail youtube video
aquamermaid mermaid tail advertisement
mermaid board game collaboration

Product review

Send me your product and I will make a video review for it. I would also share an unboxing video on my pages.


Here is an example of a brand I worked with



User generated content

Send me your product and I will make ad-like videos showing them off. I can make Tiktok videos, reels, Youtube shorts, and even longform content. If you go this route I will be making content for you to post on your channel, but I would also share an unboxing video on my pages.


Sponsored video

I will create a video around your product and give it a shoutout. For example, if the sponsorship is from a mermaid tail company I will wear their tail in the video and dedicate a portion of the video to talk about that tail. Not the same as a full review video though. Send me the product and I will also include an unboxing video that I will share on my pages.



I will host a giveaway for one of your products, which I will market to my following. To enter they would have to follow your page and share the post. This will help gain followers and engagement.

Let's Work Together

Shoot me an email at or reach out through Instagram.

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