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Best Mermaid Books For Kids

Updated: Feb 15

The best children's books will cultivate a child's imagination and fill their minds with magic, adventure, and important lessons!

For the little kids who are little mermaids themselves, an under the sea story full of merfolk is perfect!

So I've compiled a list of the best mermaid books for kids! They all tell beautiful stories, with important lessons, lovely art, and inclusive characters.


(This list includes affiliate links, which simply means I would get a commission if you bought from them, at no extra cost to you! This helps me pay for this website!)

How to Catch a Mermaid, written by Cindi Madsen, is the perfect back to school gift for kids. This funny mermaid picture book offers an irresistible under-the-sea adventure that parents and educators will love!

This story follow a little girl who sees a mermaid and decides to gather friends to go on a quest to find her. It is a tale of friendship and fun! Will they find the mermaid and befriend her??? Better read this story!

A delightful, inspiring read-aloud book for toddlers that celebrates gender diversity and difference. The story is brought to life by bright, bold illustrations.

Mabel is a little mermaid whose entire family has mustaches. But she doesn't have one and she feels like the odd one out! She tries to make mustaches out of sea plants, but she must come to accept herself as she is.

Kids will love this magical spin on the classic story Goldilocks and The Three Bears! The story takes place under the sea in Okinawa, Japan.

A little mermaid named Kiniro finds a seashell house inhabited by octopuses who are out and about. She decides to explore. Will the family come home before she eats their food and sleeps in their beds?

The Grumpy Mermaid is a delightful book that teaches the importance of kindness and sharing. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, especially for young children 4-8 years old. Kids will love this book's rhymes and learn a valuable lesson!

The Grumpy Mermaid is about a beautiful mermaid named Rose, who is grumpy and bossy to her friends. No one has fun around her because she orders them around. But Rose meets someone who helps her change her ways.

Unlock the power of courage with this sweet little rhyming story about a Mermaid named Lola who has a magical bracelet that helps her face her fears. Share this great message about resilience with kids from the age of 1 to 6.

Lola is a mermaid who is afraid of many things. But her dad gives her a magical bracelet made of shells and gold. When she loses it on an adventure, she must find new ways to be brave!

6. Oona

An adorable story with an all too relatable little mermaid character named Oona. This book comes with outstanding illustrations and masterful writing. It is a tale all about friendship, creativity and inventions.

Oona is a daring little mermaid, who often gets herself into trouble. But she just loves going on adventures to find more treasure! But what will she do when her treasure falls into dark and unknown waters?

Those are some of the best mermaid children's books! Let me know if you have any good ones that I should add to this list!

Happy reading!

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