How I got to 1k Followers on Instagram

Updated: Feb 1

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for mermaids. It's where we all hang out. If you want to connect with other mermaids, become an influencer, or promote your business, Instagram is a great place to be.

I started my mermaid Instagram almost two years ago. I was slow to grow at first, but the trick is to keep at it. It takes time to build a following. Even 1k isn’t all that much compared to certain influencers, but it’s a milestone that I was proud of reaching. Gaining that initial small following is the hardest, but once you've done that it becomes easier to grow. I'm now at around 1500 followers. Here’s how I did it.

At first there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to what I was doing. Sure, I posted decent pictures with captions and hashtags, but I learned so much through some research. The advice I heard the most frequently was “be consistent.” Post frequently and don’t give up even if you’re not getting many followers. You also want your page to have a specific theme, something that you'll be consistently posting about. It could be sports, health, food, well-being, your shop or brand, or mermaid, if you're like me! So that is tip number 1.