How To Be A Mermaid During Winter

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

My least favorite season is here. Just like me, many mermaids dread winter. It's the time where, depending on where you live, swimming basically ceases! Pools are closed and the natural bodies of water are too chilly for us to inhabit. What’s a mermaid without water? It can be rough. I know.

How can I be a mermaid in the winter? Many people wonder how they can keep up with mermaiding when they can no longer go swimming. I’ve been one of those people, but now I have some tips for mermaids.

Here are some ways you can practice your mermaid skills during the winter. This list is specifically targeted at aspiring professional mermaids.


Staying in good shape is good for your mermaid skills. Keep up your stamina and endurance by exercising at the gym or at home. That way when warm weather returns and you can go swimming again you will have no difficulty swimming in your tail. Exercise is also good for your mental health, which will help fight the winter blues!

Swim clubs/gyms with indoor pools

There are swim clubs and gyms that have indoor pools open all year long! Unfortunately memberships can be pricey, but if you find a pool that you can afford, then you are back in mermaid business! Be sure to inquire about if they have a policy regarding mermaid tails. Let them know it's an athletic activity that you do for fitness and for mental health, because mermaid swimming is a great workout, afterall.

Mermaid hair and makeup

On those cold winter nights where you just want to stay inside, you can practice doing your makeup in the style of a mermaid. Try perfecting your mermaid look with dazzling sparkles, shimmering powders, and eye shadows in pretty shades of blue, green or purple. Don’t forget about your mermaid hair! You can experiment with different hairstyles and types of braids. Add some hair accessories and take some selfies in your mermaid look!

I am wearing a mermaid costume and pretty mermaid makeup along with face gems and a mermaid seashell crown

Practice mermaid poses in your tail

Even if you can’t go swimming, you can still get into your tail and make some magic! Practice posing the way you would for photographs and practice moving how you would if you were performing. Focus on graceful arm movements, smiling, sitting up straight, and keeping your toes pointed.

Practice acting like a mermaid

Work on your acting skills during this time. Perfect your tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures that you make. Practice talking out loud and pretending you have an audience. Brainstorm and recite how you would answer questions that kids ask, such as "what do you eat?" and "where do you live?" Use your imagination!

Underwater practice in the bathtub

Get your fins wet in the easiest way possible. If you can’t spend money on going to an indoor pool, just soak in the tub in your tail. This is good for mental health, but you can also utilize this activity by getting some nice photos. Practice putting your face underwater and controlling your breath and underwater facial expressions. You can even pretend you’re in a performance tank. This is also a good way to practice opening your eyes underwater.

Increase flexibility

Doing yoga is good for your physical health and is a good way to increase flexibility, which can help you with certain mermaid poses and underwater tricks. Try doing yoga in your mermaid tail for a fun challenge! It’s also just good to practice stretches because stretching before and after mermaid swimming is a very good practice for avoiding cramps and soreness.


Mermaids are known for their singing voices. If you intend to sing for children at a gig then this is a great skill to practice. Sing Disney songs and memorize lyrics and chords so you can perform them for kids without any slipups. Consider taking some voice lessons from a vocal coach. Record your singing and then you can see how you need to improve.

Take a tropical vacation and go swimming in your tail

What better a time to take a tropical vacation than during the winter? You can escape the cold to journey to a much warmer climate where you can freely go about without having to get bundled up. Then you can actually go swimming in the ocean and practice your mermaid swimming skills in the most beautiful place! If you can do this, be sure to bring a good camera and underwater camera, if you have one. Don’t want to miss out on an amazing photo opportunity! Afterall, part of being a professional mermaid is marketing yourself online, which involves getting lots of photos for Instagram and Facebook.

Make mermaid tails and accessories

You can make money as a mermaid by being a mermaid tail maker. So while being stuck inside, work on your crafty skills by making tails. You can also work on making accessories to sell online to other mermaids. Many professional mermaids do that on the side along with performing. Try out different methods for your projects. I’ve made silicone hybrid tails, fabric tails, fabric tails with puff painted scales and intricate fin designs. Get creative! Here’s a video of how I make fabric mermaid tails.

You don't have to put a pause on mermaiding just because it is cold outside. Live out your dreams from inside your house and practice these skills to accomplish your professional mermaid dreams! Hope this was helpful for you. Stay happy, healthy, and safe this winter! And remember, it'll be over before you know it!

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