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Mermaid Easter Basket

Spring is upon us! For those who celebrate it, it's time to get those Easter baskets started!

Things can get busy as parents, so let me save you some time when it comes to putting together an impeccable mermaid Easter basket.

A themed basket is a fun way to switch things up this year. If you have a child who adores mermaids, this mermaid Easter basket is sure to delight!

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The basket

Can't do a mermaid Easter basket without a good basket! These are some excellent choices for the perfect basket.

If you're on a budget this year and can't deal out as many goodies, this basket is just right. Not only is this mermaid scale holographic basket perfect for an Easter basket, but it can be reused for carrying toys or snacks, picking flowers, or as an accessory.

This mermaid scale basket works as a stylish storage bin after using it for Easter. It is cute and spacious, perfect for filling with goodies!

Basket goodies

Plastic eggs full of treats are a staple of Easter, and they make a great addition to an Easter basket. These shell shaped Easter eggs are perfect for a mermaid inspired Easter basket. You can fill them with all kinds of fun things like candy and coins! You could even use them for an Easter egg hunt. That would make for a fun day for the kids!

This shiny blue shredded paper adds a nice touch to a mermaid Easter basket. It gives the gifts something to sit on to add volume and make it look fuller. They fit nicely with the mermaid theme because of the light blue color, reminiscent of the ocean.

Everyone loves kisses! They are sweet, little chocolates full of goodness! They're especially good for kids because of their size. These mermaid stickers fit perfectly on a Hershey kiss to add a little mermaid pizzazz to the yummy candy. Kids will love it!

Not only does this help mermaid lovers stay hydrated, but it also provides a fun activity! Give it as a gift that wont disappoint. They get to decorate it with little gems that form mermaids and other under the sea creatures.

Here's a little makeup starter kit for the kids to play around with and have fun getting glammed up! They can transform into mermaid royalty with this set that comes with a mermaid tiara and other accessories.

If you like gummy bears, you'll love these mermaid seashell gummies! Each gummy has a flavorful surprise inside.

Here is another gift that makes for a fun activity on Easter. The kids can enjoy these mermazing tattoos that will last multiple days. Add a splash of color and mermaid vibes to your party!

This Little Mermaid Ariel doll will help unleash the imagination, and bring comfort with its softness. This doll is based on Halle Bailey's Ariel, with her same top and tail. Great for snuggling and for playing!

Those are all the mermaid gifts for this mermaid Easter basket article. Hope this helped. Happy Easter!

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