My Zombie Mermaid Photoshoot Experience

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It was the first time I was ever meeting my pod and I couldn’t be more excited! I had just made a new tail with black fabric and spiked studs, specifically for Halloween. It would be perfect for the zombie photoshoot we were doing.

It was a lovely day for taking mermaid pictures in a creek that ran through the woods. I am used to doing my photoshoots in creeks, as that is the only body of water readily available to me. This creek was much farther away though. I had to drive about an hour and a half to Lancaster to meet up with the Pennsylvania Mermaid Pod for our zombie-themed photoshoot.

I’ve really been embracing this season in all its spooky majesty. Halloween is my favorite holiday, which makes October one of the best months. I’ve been making Youtube video tutorials on different