Oh For The Love of Mermaids! Why I Love Mermaids.

I remember some years back it was my first day of a composition class in college. As always, the professor had us do the dreaded ice breaker activity. For this activity she had us pair up and share a fun fact about ourselves, which the partner would then repeat to the class afterwards.

Of course, mine was “I’m obsessed with mermaids” to which my partner snarkily replied “why?” as if it were the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard.

I was slightly taken aback, as I’d never really considered the reason for my mermaid love. I fumbled an answer and shortly thereafter it was time to share with the class. My partner shared that I was obsessed with mermaids. The teacher stood in thought for a moment before saying, “Okay, okay, I can see that. They’re beautiful and powerful mythological creatures.”

Exactly! I thought. Someone understood, and she was right. That was definitely a part of why I liked mermaids. Thinking on it now, there are myriad reasons for my mermaid affinity. It’s not just the creatures themselves that I love, it’s the act of swimming in a mermaid tail and actually becoming the enchanting creature.

Mermaiding is basically my life. I have been pursuing a career as a professional mermaid for years now. It’s the most natural thing ever for me, to swim underwater with a beautiful tail flowing behind me, with the monofin giving me power and speed. I feel like I belong underwater, where I can float weightlessly, almost feeling like I’m flying.

I’ve always been the kind of person who longs for magic in life. Fantasy is my favorite genre and I’ve consumed many books about magic, mermaids, fairies, dragons, and pirates. I would go off on little adventures as a kid hoping to find a portal to another dimension, just like in Alice in Wonderland, another favorite of mine.

The closest I’ve ever come to experiencing magic is when I am in my mermaid tail, creating my own illusion of magic. Not only is it magical for me, but when kids would stumble upon me swimming at the beach or in a pool they were filled with wonder and joy. They really solidify my illusion of being a magical creature because they often genuinely believe it. They have faith in me, which gives me faith in myself.

I don’t feel ashamed to wear the label of “weird.” I’ve been called it countless times in my life, and in the past it’s been hurtful, but now I own it. I AM weird! I’m a wonderfully weird and quirky person and if people don't like it, well, that’s their problem! I love myself, and mermaiding has been a way of expressing who I am. Some people will find it odd that I dress up as a mermaid and swim like one, but I don’t care about those people. They are strangers. The other half of people will find it very cool or fascinating. Its definitely something that makes you stand out.

You could call it a form of LARPing, I suppose. I am acting as a character, dressed up as something other than myself. Who doesn’t love a game of make-belief? Life is so boring sometimes but pretending to be a mermaid bring me great joy and entertainment!

There are so many benefits to being a mermaid. Not only is it fun but it is also a great workout!

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Adding a mermaid tail makes it even better. Doing the dolphin kick requires a strong core, legs, and arms. You don’t even really notice you’re getting exercise because it’s such an enjoyable experience.

My mental health has always been a struggle for me, but being a mermaid takes my mind off my problems, makes me feel beautiful and magical, and brings me happiness! They say exercise is great for mental health because it releases endorphins, and as previously stated, mermaiding is a heck of a good exercise.

Mermaids are a huge inspiration to me in my life. My love of them gives me so much creative energy! I’ve spent so much time making mermaid tails and accessories, writing stories about mermaids, pretending to be a mermaid, and drawing and painting mermaids. You should see my notebooks from school. They are filled to the brim with mermaid doodles.

It may seem unusual, but mermaiding really gives me purpose in life. It's something I am passionate about, that I enjoy, that children adore and people find interesting. It makes me feel so connected to the ocean. The ocean is a provider of life, and I wish to honor it through my mermaid endeavors, whether it’s swimming in it and respecting the beautiful marine animals that inhabit it, or using my mermaid platform to educate and bring awareness about ocean conservation.

As a mermaid, I feel it is important to help protect the sea, by spreading the message about the damage us humans are inflicting on it along with informing people on what we can do to be more environmentally conscious.

At this time in my journey, I am not making much money from being a mermaid, but I am on my way towards accomplishing my dreams and I intend on giving back to the Earth when I am financially able. There are many great organizations to support who are helping the environment.

Mermaids embody strength, grace, beauty, protection of the sea, and free spiritedness, which are qualities I, too, wish to embody. I live my life like I have the soul of a mermaid. I look forward to a future full of mermaidy opportunities! Let me know if you are also a mermaid lover, like myself.

(Painting in the beginning of article was done by my sister)

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