Mermaid on a budget: Save money on Mermaid Products

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with new and exciting things to buy and it can be difficult to resist the siren’s call to shop online. There are so many interesting things on the market, especially for mermaids! Tails, accessories, monofins, tops, and other products are splashed all throughout our screens as we search the webs or scroll through our Instagram feed.

We often have to turn things down because we just don’t need to spend that money, or we already have enough of something. For me it can be tempting to just buy a new mermaid tail with so many beautiful options and emerging brands. If only there were discounts that you could get on such products. Oh wait….

There are!!!

I am an ambassador for several brands and I’m here to share my discount codes with you. Use the codes on these products to save some sand dollars while also earning me commission (at no additional cost to you).

Aquamermaid- Aquamermaid is a Canadian company that teaches mermaid swimming lessons, does mermaid parties, makes Youtube videos about mermaids, and sells fabric mermaid tails, sequin tails with silicone flukes, and full silicone tails. Each tail comes with a monofin designed for speed and power. Using my discount code OLIVIAGILBERT you can save 10% on their fabric tails that come in four different bright colors.

Check out their Youtube and blog (featuring articles written by me!).

Mermaid Kat Shop- Mermaid Kat Shop is a mermaid school and tail making company that sells amazing fabric and silicone tails. They also have an array of silicone mermaid tops. One unique thing about Mermaid Kat Shop is that they sell secondhand silicone tails and do silicone tail rentals. Use the code Mermaidliv05 to save 5%.

Finis- Finis is my favorite monofin making company. They sell diving fins, booties, goggles, and monofins of course! My first monofin was by Finis and it launched me into swimming like a pro mermaid. They have myriad options, some that are more for sport and some that are specifically for mermaids. They also sell fins for kids with options for pretty fin covers that look even more mermaidy! Use my code REALMERMAIDLIV to save 20%!

Just looking for a product to help you swim faster? Try some FINIS Zoomer Gold Swim Fins. Here's what had to say about them!

FINIS Zoomer Gold Swim Fins are voted by swimmers as being one of the best swim fins for training. These 100% natural rubber fins boast a sleek, singular design that is ideal for building endurance, speed, and leg strength.
They have a flexible foot pocket for a comfortable, snug fit, and very short blades that allow for a very high kick rate and swimming at maximum speeds. These fins are soft and flexible and can be worn for long periods in the pool.

Mermaid Straw- Being a mermaid, AKA a mythical creature that lives in the sea, I have a passion for helping the environment. Straws are one of the biggest pollutants! The Earth gets littered with thousands of straws each day by people all over the world and they harm the environment and its creatures! The ultra simple solution is to switch to reusable straws. My personal favorite brand is Mermaid Straw. You can save 15% by using the code THE_REAL_MERMAID_LIV. I discuss reusable straws more in depth in my article Why to Switch to Reusable Straws.

Happy mermaid shopping!!!

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