The Best Mermaid Tops That Aren't Clamshell Bikinis

I love a good clamshell bikini top as much as the next mermaid, but let’s be real, they maaaay be a tad cliché. Your classic vision of a mermaid comes complete with long flowing hair cascading down her chest, a shiny, scaley tail, and the seashell bra, of course. They are the traditional option for mermaids, but not all are in favor of this popular top.

People like me who don mermaid tails are also like to get fully dressed up with seashell accessories and hairpieces and a top that only a mermaid would wear. There are many different options for mermaid tops now. I myself wear a clamshell bikini frequently, but it's nice to have the option to switch it up once in a while.

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