The Best Mermaid YA Books

Updated: Jul 28

When I can’t be near the sea or swim in my mermaid tail, at least I can read books about mermaids! My favorite books take me away to magical places and underwater kingdoms full of merfolk and adventure.

Fantasy is my favorite genre for books. I’ve been reading books about fantastical adventures and mythical creatures ever since I was young. Some of my favorite books were Alice in Wonderland, the Harry Potter series, and the Magic Tree House series.

I’ve always loved mermaids, but I really became obsessed with mermaids while in high school. High school was a rough time for me, but reading magical works of fiction really helped me muddle through. I remember spending huge chunks of time in the library and frequently leaving with a tall stack of books (most of which I didn’t end up reading).

It was always a treat when I could combine my love of mermaids with my love of reading. Every once in a while, I found a gem amongst rows and rows of books, and I will share those gems with you. Here are some of my favorite young adult novels about mermaids.

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Firewater Saga

By Jennifer Donnelly

This series is about a mermaid princess whose life erupts into chaos when a war begins in the underwater world.

You'll meet mermaids from all parts of the world, different climates, and different bodies of water, even a swamp witch mermaid.

There are six mermaid heroines of the story who must travel together to find six talismans to defeat an evil monster named Abbadon. They build unbreakable bonds during their magical quest to fulfill a prophecy and save all the mermaid realms.

Encounter many unique mythical creatures, magic, fascinating mermaid lore, romance, and exciting action scenes for an overall adventure of a story.

Lost Voices trilogy

By Sarah Porter