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What is Mermaiding?

Simply put, mermaiding is a recreational activity in which people swim and perform underwater wearing a mermaid tail. It is often done for fun, exercise, as a career or as a performance art.

Mermaiding can be done in pools, oceans, or other bodies of water, and it is typically done with the use of a monofin with a swimmable mermaid tail. Monofins are swim fins that are designed to be worn on both feet and are used to simulate the movement of a mermaid's tail. Otherwise known as the dolphin kick. Mermaid tails are typically made of spandex or other stretchy materials and are designed to be worn over a swimsuit or other clothing. They also come in other forms, such as sillicone, neoprene, and latex.

This is a Finis monofin. A monofin is not a toy, it is a piece of sports equipment. Always be sure to buy a high quality one from a reputable company.

Mermaiding can be physically demanding and requires a certain level of swimming ability and endurance. It is important to practice proper safety measures when mermaiding, such as having a buddy. It is also important to follow all rules and regulations when swimming in public areas. Be aware that there are places that do not allow mermaid tails.

Here is an old video I made explaining all the basics of mermaiding. It was one of my first ever videos, so please excuse the quality, but there are good tips in it.

Is mermaiding safe for kids?

This is an important question. Parents shouldn't allow their kids to swim in a mermaid tail unless they can perform specific swim skills, such as floating, dolphin kick, using arms, rolling over in the water, and holding breath for more than ten seconds.

Mermaiding should never be done without a supervisor or buddy. Kids especially need to have an adult supervising them in case anything goes wrong. Make sure the child is using a safe tail, meaning it comes from a reputable company, such as Finfun. Finfun is a good beginner tail that is easy to remove while swimming, in case the child starts struggling and needs to get out of it.

Let unattended children can drown in mermaid tails if they are not strong enough swimmers. Tails are not recommended for kids under 8 years old.

What is a professional mermaid?

Professional mermaids are entertainers who perform in costume as mermaids, typically in a swimming pool or at a beach. They may also perform in tanks or shows at aquariums or water parks, or at special events such as children's parties, corporate events, and festivals.

Mermaid performances can take many forms, including synchronized swimming routines, interactive storytelling, and photo opportunities. Some professional mermaids also offer swim lessons or mermaid fitness classes.

To be a professional mermaid, individuals typically need to be strong swimmers and comfortable in the water. They may also need to have training in acting, dancing, or other performance skills. It is also important for professional mermaids to have good public speaking skills and the ability to interact with people of all ages.

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