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Best Mermaid Barbies

Updated: Feb 22

Ah, childhood; a time when imagination was everything. I could spend an entire day playing with my toys when I was younger and just lose track of time completely. I especially loved Barbies. Barbie is an iconic brand that has brought great joy and imaginative play.

Another staple of childhood is being obsessed with magical creatures. Mermaids have stolen the hearts of children all over the world! It only makes sense that there would be mermaid toys.

In this article I will show you the best mermaid Barbies on the market.

This list includes affiliate links, meaning if you buy from them I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate commissions help me fund this website.

Embrace all colors of the rainbow with this doll! This doll comes with a tiara to place over her brushable rainbow hair. She also has a pretty top and a bendable waist, which helps when making the doll do the dolphin kick. She also has a magical feature! When placed in water her color changes!

This magical Barbie doll comes with legs, but can be transformed into a beautiful mermaid by sliding on her fabric tail. She also comes with a set of wings, three tops, two skirts and a crown.

Little boys can have a love of mermaid dolls just like little girls! So it is important to have representation of them by including at least one merman doll in this list. His hombre blue tail has little accents of yellow and pink stars. He comes accessorized with arm cuffs and a pearl string necklace with a seashell pendant.

This doll comes with a light up tail and a flexible fluke so she can really flip her fins with some flair! Her long blond brushable hair with a pink streak is accessorized by a tiara. She's wearing a pink tube top with a pretty necklace of stars and pearls.

With this doll you can complete a little mermaid family! This mergirl is an important part of a Barbie collection. Kid's love toys that look like them. They also love bright colors, like pink and blue. Chelsea has shiny pink hair that can be brushed and styled. She comes with a necklace and hairpiece to complete her mermaid look.

Those were all the Barbies I wanted to share with you! Remember, a mermaid Barbie is the perfect gift for a child! They are fun for pool parties and bath tub play as well. Any of these dolls will bring a big smile to a child's face.

Happy shopping!

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