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How To Wash Clothes While Car Camping

Updated: May 16

Car camping is an immersive experience that allows you to get outside, feel the sun, and breathe in the fresh air from wonderful trees.

When you go car camping, you essentially just pack your car with all the necessities for every day life. You can get fancy with a car camping build, or just have your car packed, while sleeping in a tent.

If you're going on an extended car camping trip, or are moving into your vehicle to save money and travel more, you will need a way to wash your dirty laundry.

Living or camping in a car, you give up some luxuries, but that doesn't mean you can't have clean clothes. Sure, you could go to a laundromat, or borrow someone's machines if you know anyone in the area. But what if I told you there were some easy ways to do laundry without having to drive to a laundromat with a handful of quarters.

Here are some products to facilitate your camping laundry experience. Note, these are affiliate links. If you buy from them I make a few cents in commission. This can help support this website!

When you're out in nature, you don't want to pollute the earth with chemicals from detergent and fabric softener. It is essential to buy an all purpose, eco friendly soap.

Don't worry, this soap is perfectly safe to use on your clothes.

This product is the fanciest on this list. This portable washing machine actually works like a normal washer, only miniature. Your clothes get spun around with soapy water, and there's even a drying function.

If you've got extra money, and aren't into roughing it, this may be the best option for you.

This revolutionary portable washing dry bag will redefine the way you do laundry while car camping or living on the road.

At first glance, the Scrubba may resemble a simple dry bag, but Inside its durable, waterproof exterior lies a flexible washboard surface, designed to mimic the scrubbing action of a traditional washboard.

Here is another simple clothes washing method while car camping. This is pretty much the "old fashioned" way. You fill a collapsible basin with clean water and camp soap, and hand wash them.

To hand wash, gently rub the fabric together in the soapy water to help loosen dirt and grime. Pay extra attention to areas with stains or heavy soiling. Next, you want to let it sit in the soapy water for 15 minutes, before rinsing it, ringing it out, and hanging it to dry.

Here's a simple and inexpensive method for a small load of laundry. This technique emulates that of the Scrubba wash bag. You just need a large heavy duty plastic bag that seals shut. You throw in water, soap, and your clothes, close it up, leaving no air inside, and knead it.

These are all the car camping laundry tips I have, for now. I hope this list helped you, wherever you are in your car camping journey.

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