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Mermaid Cake Ideas

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Here are some tips to decorate a scrumptious cake to be mer-mazing! If you're having a mermaid party then scroll through this article for some cake inspo.

First off we have a video tutorial for a mermaid cake with ocean colors, white chocolate seashells, pearl candies, and an easy DIY mermaid tail cake topper that you just have to print out.

Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links, which means if you buy the item mentioned i get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Some other great ideas:

Mermaid cake with Barbie doll

A mermaid cake with a doll in it will surely delight a little mermaid lover! For an extra touch, it can be a brand new doll that counts as one of the birthday presents!

mermaid scales on a cake

To add some mermaid vibes to your cake, try having it covered in mermaid scales! They could be made from frosting or fondant.

Mermaid cake topper

Here are some great cake toppers for you to be inspired by.

Here is a great set of cake toppers and decorations. You get 9 pieces for just $7.99.

Mermaid cake seashell decorations

Learn how to make adorable *edible* seashell cake decorations with this tutorial! It's super simple.

Mermaid cake pops

Mermaid style cake pops are an alternative way to go in terms of a birthday cake. Here's a tutorial for mermaid cake pops that will go great with a mermaid or ocean themed event!

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