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Mermaid Nails

Updated: May 14

Part of a healthy mermaid obsession is to express your love of mermaids with accessories, tops, makeup, hair, and even nails! This article is all about mermaid nails.

What are mermaid nails?

Mermaid nails are nails with any embellishments that give off mermaid vibes. Anything that shimmers or sparkles, has mermaid colors (teal, purple, blue...), has pearls or scales, makes for fintastic mermaid nails!

Mermaid nail designs

There are several nail design options you can go with. Mermaid nails could painted in light hues of blue, green, or purple with gems or pearls on them. Another style is silverish/blue monochrome nails that shimmer like a mermaid tail. You could also use fake nails to achieve a mermaid scale print look. There are so many options for colors and designs!

Here are some of the best mermaid nail products on the market! This list includes affiliate links. When you purchase from them I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me afford this website!

This opalescent nail powder gives your nails a pearly, shimmering look. You need gel polish and a UV light to accomplish this look.

How do you use nail powder?

First you need to paint your nails a base coat. Then you do a layer of gel top coat. Use a makeup brush to dab on the sparkly nail powder. Once dry, add another layer of gel polish and use a UV light to cure for about a minute.

Get a beautiful mermaid scale pattern on your nails with these stencils. First you paint your nails a base color. Once that is dry, place the scale stencil against your nail and paint over it with a different color. It's a good idea to add a clear polish layer on top once your scales dry.

These mermaid silhouette decals are the perfect addition to a French manicure or a shiny, light colored nail polish coat. You simply cut out the decals and soak them in water, then place on your nails, along with a top coat of clear nail polish.

Bring some fabulous mermaid vibes with these press on mermaid scale sheets. You get 10 sheets of easy to apply mermaid scale stick ons. There are so many pretty colors and gradients.

Those are all the mermaid nail tips I have for you! Hope you enjoyed this article. Be shore to sign up for my newsletter.

About the author

Shello! My name is Mermaid Liv, a professional mermaid and content creator. I share my love of mermaiding through this blog, along with my Youtube channel.

If you've never heard of it before, mermaiding is a hobby, profession, and sport that involves wearing mermaid tails made for swimming.

I began making tails in 2013 and have continued my mermaid journey, starting my Youtube channel, working at a mermaid festival, performing at gigs, and being featured in the Netflix Docu Series MerPeople.

Follow me on Instagram for mermaid photos and videos: @the_real_mermaid_liv and be *shore* to check out my Youtube channel.

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