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Mermaid Quiz Questions And Answers

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Whether you're a professional mermaid looking for more activities for a mermaid gig, or you're a parent preparing for a mermaid themed party, these mermaid trivia questions will keep the kids entertained while engaging their minds.

I'll include questions about the ocean and marine life, questions about mermaid mythology, and questions about popular mermaid shows and movies.

I'll include some very basic mermaid trivia for kids, and some more advanced questions. These questions are a great way to learn some fascinating mermaid facts!

Mermaid quiz questions and answers for kids

Here are some pretty simple mermaid quiz questions that most kids will know the answers to.

  1. What is one power a mermaid could have? (turning into human, controlling water, magic song)

  2. What do you call a half human half fish? (Mermaid, merperson)

  3. What do you call a male merperson? (Merman)

  4. What is the name of the mermaid who becomes human in The Little Mermaid? (Ariel)

  5. Where do mermaids live (Water, ocean, lake, river)

  6. Which fish sings "Just keep swimming!" (Dory from Finding Nemo)

  7. Name one food a mermaid might eat (Seaweed, fish, kelp, crab)

  8. What is it that mermaid tails and fish tails are covered with? (Scales)

  9. How do fish breathe? (Gills)

  10. Is the ocean salt water or fresh water? (Salt)

Mermaid quiz questions and answers (Advanced)

Here are some good mermaid trivia questions for anyone in the mermaid community.

  1. What is the legendary underwater city in the Atlantic ocean? (Atlantis)

  2. What do you call a fin on the back of a mermaid? (Dorsal fin)

  3. What is the name of the activity that involves swimming in a mermaid tail? (Mermaiding)

  4. Which famous professional mermaid wrote the book "The Brave Mermaid" (Mermaid Kariel)

  5. What do you call the end of a mermaid tail? (Fluke)

  6. Name one ocean deity from ancient mythology (Poseidon, Neptune, Yemaya, Atargatis)

  7. What do you call a group of mermaids? (Pod)

  8. Name one type of fish (Clownfish, parrot fish, angel fish, puffer fish, goldfish, betta fish, koi fish)

  9. Who do sirens sing to and lure into the ocean? (Sailors, pirates)

  10. Which sea creature did sailors often mistake for a mermaid? (Manatee)

  11. Name one sea creature that uses echolocation (Dolphin, whale)

  12. Which mermaid movie features mermaid Madison? (Splash)

Little Mermaid trivia questions and answers

  1. Name two of Ariel's sisters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista and Andrina)

  2. What is the name of the prince Ariel falls in love with? (Eric)

  3. What is the name of the song Sebastian sings to encourage Eric to kiss Ariel? (Kiss The Girl)

  4. Who wrote the original novel The Little Mermaid? (Hans Christian Anderson)

  5. Where does Ariel's family live? (Atlantica)

  6. What is the name of the prequel to Little Mermaid? (The Little Mermaid; Ariel's beginning)

  7. Who is the daughter of Ariel? (Melody)

  8. What happened to Ariel's mother? (Killed by pirate ship)

  9. Who is King Tritons advisor/ supervisor of Ariel? (Sebastian)

  10. Who is Ariel's best friend? (Flounder)

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Let me know if you have any good mermaid quiz questions to add!

About the author

Shello! My name is Mermaid Liv, a professional mermaid and content creator. I share my love of mermaiding through this blog, along with my Youtube channel.

If you've never heard of it before, mermaiding is a hobby, profession, and sport that involves wearing mermaid tails made for swimming.

I began making tails in 2013 and have continued my mermaid journey, starting my Youtube channel, working at a mermaid festival, performing at gigs, and being featured in the Netflix Docu Series MerPeople.

Follow me on Instagram for mermaid photos and videos: @the_real_mermaid_liv and be *shore* to check out my Youtube channel.

Have a magical day!

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