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Professional Mermaids

What does a professional mermaid do?

I will answer that question and share a bit about my mermaid performances in this professional mermaid article.

Firstly, what is a professional mermaid?

A professional mermaid is a person who performs as a mermaid, wearing a mermaid tail. We attend events and parties to spread some mermaid magic! There are mermaids who swim in aquariums, mermaid who teach lessons, and mermaids like me who do a little bit of everything!

I've done art modeling, underwater modeling, kids parties, parades, meet and greets, and mermaid seminars.

I am most experienced with attending kids' birthday parties as a mermaid. There are pool gigs, where you swim around, perform tricks, lead games, and more. Then there are dry gigs, where you are on land and have to rely on other methods of entertainment.

What I do at a pool gig:

  • Swim around the pool

  • Show off swimming tricks such as flips, spins, bubble rings

  • Play pool games with the kids, such as sharks and minnows, beach volleyball, races, and underwater treasure hunts

  • Let kids ride on my back while swimming

  • Q and A

  • Posing for photos

  • Singing songs

  • Telling mermaid stories

What I do at a dry gig:

  • Sing songs and play instruments (I allow kids to play my instruments too)

  • Dancing

  • Tell stories about my mermaid adventures

  • Play games

  • Q and A

  • Posing for photos

  • Temporary tattoos

  • Mermaid makeovers

  • Reading books

  • Twirling ribbon wands and letting kids try it

Throughout my performances I like to teach about ocean life and instill a love for the environment in the kids. I make sure to include positive messages and invoke the imagination.

I have many skills, such as singing, juggling, playing instruments, acting, creative storytelling, and modeling. These are some pretty common skills for mermaids to have.

Some other things professional mermaids can do:

  • Perform/ model in ads and campaigns.

  • Be a mermaid influencer

  • Teach mermaid lessons

  • Swim in a tank

  • Meet and greets for under-the-sea events

  • Model for photographers

  • Mermaid workshops/seminars

The real question is "what CAN'T professional mermaids do?"

Us mermaids are always looking for fun new opportunities, so if there is a project/campaign/ event you have in mind reach out to a professional mermaid!

I am available for hire in the Bucks County area, but am willing to travel, with a small fee, if the distance is reasonable.

Email me at Or leave a message from my website!

If you want to learn how to become a professional mermaid subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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