Top 10 Best Mermaid Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time for the world to dive into the holiday season! That's right, it's time to get holly jolly. Rest easy shopping for your mermaid friend or relative with this guide to best gifts for mermaids!

These gifts are great for professional mermaids, mermaid lovers, or hobbyist mermaids who swim in mermaid tails. Most of these things cost less than $100. If you're a parent who already bought presents, don't forget about stocking stuffers! Stick around until the end to see a list of great products to include in the stocking.

You can also use this guide when shopping for Hanukah gifts.

Full disclosure, affiliate links are included in this list. When you buy from some of these links I may get a small commission.

1. Mermaid tail

If you're shopping for a mermaid lover who doesn't yet have a mermaid tail, consider making their dreams come true by buying them a swimmable mermaid tail so they can become a real mermaid! There are so many great beginner tails out there that aren't too expensive. A Finfun kid's tail costs about $70 including the monofin, which is the essential part of a swimmable mermaid tail. An Aquamermaid tail is about $100 including the monofin, but save 10% with the code OLIVIAGILBERT. A Mermaid Kat tail is another good one for beginners. Here is a great guide to best mermaid tails for every demographic of mermaid and by price.

2. New tail skin

If you’re shopping for a seasoned mermaid, they probably already have at least one tail and monofin. But they probably don’t have a tail of every color! There are so many different mermaid brands, each with their own unique designs and color schemes. Find out what kind of monofin your mermaid has and get them a new tail skin to fit it! There are some great brands like Finfun, with tail skins costing between $35 and $90. Another company I love is Magictail. They're a German company with great tails for beginners and professional mermaids. Their tails are a bit more pricey, but they have amazing designs and a line of pro mermaid tails that fit with the Mahina monofin. So, keep that in mind if your mermaid has a Mahina monofin.

2. New monofin

Maybe the mermaid you’re shopping for is limited on which tails they can get because certain tails require specific monofins. That means a new monofin would be the perfect gift for them! Or some monofins are just good to have on their own, like a Finis Luna monofin. There are so many monofins to choose from. My favorite brands are Finis and Mahina. Mertailor has many great silicone monofins for more advanced mermaids as well. Ask them what kind of monofins they have first to make sure you get one they don't yet have.

3. New bathing suit

Mermaids love, no, NEED the beach! We simply can’t live without it! We require salt water and sunshine to thrive. There’s no better place for us than the beach, which makes a bathing suit a superb Christmas gift for a mermaid. Mermaids can always use new swimsuits, especially for taking Instagram pictures in. We like to have variety in our swimsuits. There are so many cute and trendy bathing suits with shell shaped tops and mermaid scale print bottoms.

Here are some that I LOVE!!

4. Mermaid books

When I can’t be near the sea, at least I can read books about it! Books take me away to magical places and underwater kingdoms full of merfolk and adventure.

Here are some of my favorite mermaid series’:

Firewater Saga

This series is about a mermaid princess whose life erupts into chaos when a war begins in the underwater world.

You'll meet mermaids from all parts of the world, different climates, and different bodies of water, even a swamp witch mermaid.

Encounter many unique mythical creatures, magic, fascinating mermaid lore, exciting action scenes, and an overall adventure of a story.

Lost Voices trilogy

This series tells the story of a young girl named Luce who becomes a part of a pod of mermaids who were all once human, but transformed into mermaids after tragedy struck in their lives.

Luce falls in love with the mermaid life, but things get complicated when she gets feeling for a human boy.

Follow the adventures the mermaids have and the struggles they encounter when humans discover their existence.

The Mermaid

This book is about a mermaid who can transform into a human. She wants to experience the human world and travel but she needs to make money to do so.

She meets P.T Barnum and decides to work for him in a real live mermaid exhibit. She finds that he is exploiting her and has her under a very strict contract.

Things get rough when she begins to gain attention from a group of religious zealots who think she is an evil creature from the devil.

The Sea Witch

This is an origin story for Ursula from the Little Mermaid, but it is much different than you'd expect.

The sea witch is a good-spirited human girl who practices magic in her small seaside town. She meets a mermaid who has turned into a human and they become good friends.

She finds out that her mermaid friend only has a few days left to be human before turning into seafoam. She can only remain human if she finds true love.

5. Mermaid blanket

Can you imagine anything better for Christmas than snuggling up by the fire with a blanket, some hot cocoa and your family by your side? Now imagine that blanket is a mermaid tail blanket! Mermaid tail blankets are the snuggly gift that allow one to feel like a mermaid while lounging on the couch in front of the TV.

6. Ocean floor mat

This is best for a mermaid who has their own place, especially if they just got their first apartment and need decor. They are probably always looking for nautical touches to accentuate their home and express their affinity for mermaids. This mat would be the perfect decoration for a kitchen or bathroom, and is a great gift idea.

7. Ocean tapestry

When you can’t be at the beach, bring the beach to you! Hang a beach tapestry on your wall and it will always be right there next to you. Wake up looking at the beautiful view. Even if the sea isn’t really there, at least you can still look at it with this tapestry. It makes it look like you’re inside a villa on the beach.

8. Beach sarong

Mermaids and beach babes alike will love this beautiful sarong. It’s a cute look for beach trips, but it also would work really well for a mermaid to wear around their tail as a mermaid belt! This one looks similar to fishnet and has some large shimmering sequins on it.

9. Mermaid mug

You can't go wrong giving someone a mug as a gift! Who doesn't drink coffee, tea, or at least hot chocolate from time to time? Especially with winter almost being upon us. Cold weather calls for hot beverages, which you drink from a mug. This mermaid mug will be a pleasing gift to your mermaid friend or relative.

10. Mermaid tote

This bag will be very useful for any mermaid, whether its to lug their tail or beach towel around, or for being more environmentally friendly while grocery shopping. It has a fun and shiny mermaid scale pattern, so wherever they go the world can be reminded of their mermaid soul.

Stocking stuffers

I remember on Christmas day, we’d open all our presents and experience that Christmas rush, only to be left feeling sad when there were none left. Then we would remember the stockings! They would be filled with all kinds of small goodies! Here are some little gifts that are just the right size to be a stocking stuffer.

1. Mermaid accessories

Mermaids love accessorizing. Seashells, pearls, and mermaid charms... We love them. Here is some cute jewelry for mermaids to show off their love of the sea and of mermaids.

These are accessories for everyday wear:

For a professional mermaid or someone who likes dressing up as a mermaid, here are some accessories to provide that real-life-mermaid look. They are made from things a mermaid would find in the sea. Pearls, fishnet, seaweed, and seashells. Find these and similar items in my Etsy shop!

2. Makeup brushes

Mermaids use makeup for photoshoots, Instagram pics, videos, mermaid gigs, and for looking glamorous every day. We love getting all dolled up in mermaid makeup! These are a great tool for putting on eye shadow, blush, and more.

3. Mermaid straw

Get reusable Mermaid Straws. They fit perfectly in a stocking and are a great way to encourage your mermaid to be more environmentally friendly, which most mermaids tend to be anyway. Get fun colors, silicone tips, collapsible straws, and little brushes to clean them. Save 15% with code THE_REAL_MERMAID_LIV. To learn more about the importance of switching to reusable straws, check out my article on just that!

4. Mermaid book mark

This bookmark is a cute little gift to give for an avid reader. It would make a great gift combo if you decide to get any of the mermaid books listed above.

5. Mermaid pen

Most mermaids are very creative. So, they would certainly appreciate this cute mermaid tail pen for writing stories, journaling, sketching, homework, note-taking, or just doodling.

6. Mermaid socks

Christmas not only indicates the holly-jolly time of the year with lots of family gatherings, presents, and tasty treats, it also means that winter is here. Be prepared for the cold weather to arrive! Nice, warm socks are something that everyone can probably use more of! Why not give mermaid socks as a gift? Mermaids especially like the warmth.

Those are all the gift ideas I have for you! Have a MERry Christmas!

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