Top 10 Best Mermaid Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Updated: Mar 27

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time for the world to dive into the holiday season! That's right, it's time to get holly jolly. Rest easy shopping for your mermaid friend or relative with this guide to best gifts for mermaids!

These gifts are great for professional mermaids, mermaid lovers, or hobbyist mermaids who swim in mermaid tails. Most of these things cost less than $100. If you're a parent who already bought presents, don't forget about stocking stuffers! Stick around until the end to see a list of great products to include in the stocking.

You can also use this guide when shopping for Hanukah gifts.

Full disclosure, affiliate links are included in this list. When you buy from some of these links I may get a small commission.

1. Mermaid tail

If you're shopping for a mermaid lover who doesn't yet have a mermaid tail, consider making their dreams come true by buying them a swimmable mermaid tail so they can become a real mermaid! There are so many great beginner tails out there that aren't too expensive. A Finfun kid's tail costs about $70 including the monofin, which is the essential part of a swimmable mermaid tail. An Aquamermaid tail is about $100 including the monofin, but save 10% with the code OLIVIAGILBERT. A Mermaid Kat tail is another good one for beginners. Here is a great guide to best mermaid tails for every demographic of mermaid and by price.

2. New tail skin

If you’re shopping for a seasoned mermaid, they probably already have at least one tail and monofin. But they probably don’t have a tail of every color! There are so many different mermaid brands, each with their own unique designs and color schemes. Find out what kind of monofin your mermaid has and get them a new tail skin to fit it! There are some great brands like Finfun, with tail skins costing between $35 and $90. Another company I love is Magictail. They're a German company with great tails for beginners and professional mermaids. Their tails are a bit more pricey, but they have amazing designs and a line of pro mermaid tails that fit with the Mahina monofin. So, keep that in mind if your mermaid has a Mahina monofin.

2. New monofin

Maybe the mermaid you’re shopping for is limited on which tails they can get because certain tails require specific monofins. That means a new monofin would be the perfect gift for them! Or some monofins are just good to have on their own, like a Finis Luna monofin. There are so many monofins to choose from. My favorite brands are Finis and Mahina. Mertailor has many great silicone monofins for more advanced mermaids as well. Ask them what kind of monofins they have first to make sure you get one they don't yet have.

3. New bathing suit

Mermaids love, no, NEED the beach! We simply can’t live without it! We require salt water and sunshine to thrive. There’s no better place for us than the beach, which makes a bathing suit a superb Christmas gift for a mermaid. Mermaids can always use new swimsuits, especially for taking Instagram pictures in. We like to have variety in our swimsuits. There are so many cute and trendy bathing suits with shell shaped tops and mermaid scale print bottoms.

Here are some that I LOVE!!

4. Mermaid books